Our Philosophy

Casa Trattoria, a Tuscan brand of excellence.

9 Restaurants in Florence, united under the brand “Casa Trattoria”, specialized in Tuscan cuisine and animated by the same philosophy: promoting, enhancing and preserving the traditional Tuscan cuisine, paying particular attention to the quality of raw materials, strictly seasonal.

The Restaurants and Taverns of the group propose theirs ‘tastes of the past’ in warm and pleasant environments, evocative of rural culture, in the full respect of the typical hospitality of Tuscany’s land.
Guests are welcomed in familiar places, informal and professional at the same time, where spend a pleasant evening enjoying the Tuscan cuisine interpreted with creativeness and professionalism by our chefs.

We propose the ancient recipes of the most genuine Tuscan cuisine with passion and scrupulousness, using local products of the highest quality, accompanied by a sought selection of wines.
In our restaurants, a collection of the best Italian wine labels, combined with small local firms wines poorly known on the market, but of high quality.

All our menus offer a rich variety of typical dishes, from appetizers to firsts, from seconds to homemade cakes.

Our Strengths

The cold cuts of our local culinary tradition, selected by renowned artisans in the sector, produced from pigs raised in Tuscany, that offer a meat rich,delicate and with an intense flavor. In addition to the classic Tuscan ham, the shoulder and the Tuscan sausages, and other less known cold cuts of sure gastronomic and cultural value, such as Capocollo, Finocchiona and Guanciale.

Bovine meats, swine meats and sheep meats of high quality, for an 80% of Italian origin. Beef comes from Tuscan and Venetian farmings, swine meat comes from Emilian farmings and sheep meat from Apennines herders.
The remaining 20% of the meat is of foreign origin, mainly Austrian.

Safe and quality products, thanks to modern farming techniques, constant and strict sanitary controls and careful selection made directly by sector’s technicians, both before and after slaughter.
Among the more appreciated cuts, occupies a place of honor for quality, tenderness and tradition, the Florentine steak of adult bovines, present in the menus of all the restaurants of our group.

The homemade cakes, carefully prepared by our chefs using highest quality ingredients, and traditionals Cookies from Prato of Antonio Mattei‘s biscuit factory, served with tuscan Vin Santo or to accompany to our desserts wines

Place of origin of the Renaissance, Florence is universally recognized as one of the cribs of art and architecture, and renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to its numerous monuments and museums.

The Restaurants and Taverns of Casa Trattoria‘s group occupy ‘strategic and privileged’ positions in the city. Located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, near the main museums, monuments and shopping streets, are easily reachable on foot and by public transport and two steps far from the Central Station of Santa Maria Novella.

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