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The project Food and Culture, in partnership with the Grande Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, will let you taste the best gastronomic choice of Florence and take you by the hand to discover the main monuments of the city with a special skip-the-line ticket.

Florence stands out worldwide for the beauty and uniqueness of its monuments and its masterpieces. Recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, Florence’s distinctive skyline is a symbol of art, poetry and culture.
As a travelllers, pilgrims, artists, academics and tourists’ destination, Florence has its heart in Piazza Duomo, in front of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and its Dome, Giotto’s Towerbell and San Giovanni Baptistery.

Opera del Duomo born together with them, in 1296, to supervise the Cathedral’s construction, and then, when the building was complete, to preserve and grace the monumental complex.

At the end of 1800 Museo dell’Opera del Duomo born to host over the years all the artworks of each monument of the complex. Fully restored and widened, the Museum re-opened in 2015, offering a brand new  breathtaking experience, with a reconstruction 1:1 of the original Cathedral facade framing the path through masterpieces that have no equal in the world. 

Few months later, even Teatro Niccolini ended its renovation cycle, Florence’s first theatre, opening its doors again in 2016.

In the main room of the Theatre, among mirrors and gilded stucco, you will discover the secrets of the Theater and the history of the city of Florence and the complex of Santa Maria del Fiore.

A city that amaze without losing its identity and its culture.
Is there a better way than food and traditional tastes to present Florentine culture?

“The traditional tastes tell the stories of a city and its people, letting themselves to be experienced and remembered.”

That’s what our restaurants and our taverns do: cozy, warm and familiar atmospheres welcoming visitors while aromas and colors even before the surround of flavours, the good traditional flavours of the past.

Cibo e Cultura born for this: to offer a complete experience of the city, for those who want to know and experience it fully, to have an unforgettable experience.

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Our Proposal

Cibo e Cultura, the perfect union between art and food that accompanies you through Florence’s wonders.
You can choose between two different proposals dedicated to those who want to live the city and its traditions.

Lunch bundle

You can choose between 4 different gastronomic proposals each of  which will lead you to experience the tyical Tuscan cuisine. Choose your favourite time slot and explore Florence with the special priority access ticket opening you the doors of the magical Niccolini Theatre and the amazing Florentine Cathedral.  Your visit will start from Niccolini Theatre where you will attend the special projection of the documentary The Courage to Dare. Then, you can go to Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral avoiding the queues at the ticket office and at the entrance.

You will be able to buy this bundle at least 48 hours before the chosen day for your lunch.

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Dinner bundle

If you prefer to live the dinner menu experience, you will be able to choose among two different gastronomic porposals providing a selection of the best Tuscan dishes of our tradition. The ticket available in this bundle allows the access to all the sites of Grande Museo del Duomo complex, including  Santa Maria del Fiore Opera Museum, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto’s Towebell and San Giovanni Baptistery.
Your visit will start from Santa Maria del Fiore’d Dome, the only monument with reservation required.

You will be able to buy this bundle at least 48 hours before the chosen day for your dinner.

Choose the dinner menu

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